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Norton disappeared in windows 10
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Norton is a type of anti-virus software that prevents our computer or any other mobile device from being infected by any kind of virus, which is capable of replicating itself and inserts its own code within the computer’s original code which makes the original files to corrupt in the device. Norton can also act against as malware and Trojans and is capable of successfully safeguarding the device. It constantly scans the device as you surf websites and open emails and prevents the corrupt files from accessing the computer. Recently after the update of Windows 10, many users of Norton antivirus experienced their antivirus Norton disappeared in windows 10. This problem a user faces because their Norton antivirus software is not compatible with the new update of windows 10. This article is all about how to resolve this issue from your antivirus software. For technical support of Norton antivirus, you can call our Norton antivirus toll free number.

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Compatibility between Norton and Windows 10

Recent investigations have shown that Norton fails to perform properly on Windows 10. Norton and Windows 10 are incompatible. Norton disappears as soon as there is a Windows 10 upgrade from any other version of Windows. This problem has been reported by hundreds of users who complained that as soon as their version of Windows was upgraded to Windows 10, a message appeared on their computer screen reading “Your version of Norton is not compatible with Windows 10”. As a result, Norton fails to perform properly on Windows 10 is there is a chance of your device getting infected by a computer virus.

Norton disappeared in windows 10

Why your Norton disappeared in windows 10 

This happens because as soon as you install Windows 10, your device starts being protected by Windows Defender (in case you are using Microsoft Windows) and the operating system feels that there is no need for it to be protected by external software. However, this is not the case. Although we have Windows Defender, external anti-virus software is required to make sure that our device is completely protected from unwanted files.

Norton fails to perform on Windows 10 because the programmers need to upgrade Norton to make it compatible with the newer version of the operating system. This is the problem with most anti-virus software. They fail to protect a device that has undergone a recent upgrade in its operating system.

Many users ended up reverting back to their older versions of Windows. However, they will miss enjoying the new features that Windows 10 has to offer to its users.

Simple steps to fix issues like “Norton disappeared in windows 10”

Recovery of Norton from the issue Norton disappeared in windows 10:

Although it is difficult to recover Norton in Windows 10, yet we have come up with a few ways which have successfully helped in getting back our Norton anti-virus software.

Method 1:

The first way is to disable the Windows Defender completely. This will help us in getting back Norton.

Method 2:

The second way is to use the fix tool. The steps are as follows:-

  • First, we have to download the Windows 10 Norton Upgrader which is available on the Internet.
  • Once the file has been downloaded, we will have to install it.

This will successfully upgrade our Norton. But if this process fails to work then we will have to download and install Norton.

The third possible way is to download and install Norton. Norton can be either installed from your device or from your service provider.

Steps to install Norton antivirus: 

To install Norton from your device, the steps are as follows:-

  • Sign in to Norton. If you don’t have an account, create one by giving your email address and password.
  • In the Norton Setup window, click on the Download Norton.
  • Click Agree & Download. Complete the installation process.
  • If the User Account Control window appears, click Continue.

Your Norton will be successfully installed and upgraded.

In this way, we can successfully use Norton on our Windows 10 operating system.

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