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Norton full system scan freezes
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Norton full system scan freezes

Viruses, spy bots and different malware will infect your business PC, stealing shopper data or simply inflicting havoc. Anti-virus programs like Norton facilitate keep your PC malware-free, however, this protection can be compromised if the package cannot perform scans properly. numerous factors will have an effect on the program’s ability to complete a system scan, like issues among the program itself, or component and package problems. If you are facing an issue like Norton full system scan freezes then for technical support you can call our Norton antivirus technical support experts.

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Issues due to which Norton full system scan freezes:

  • Norton problems

Improper installation, noncurrent threat definitions, and corrupted program files will have an effect on the manner Norton operates, preventing it from finishing appointed tasks properly. check that you are running the most up-to-date version of Norton, with all the newest virus and malware threat data downloaded. Run Norton’s “LiveUpdate” till it reports no new updates to confirm you are current. Perform a manual scan, and if it still freezes, uninstall Norton and put in the package to confirm correct installation of fresh files.

  • Software issues

Your pc should be up-to-date and communication with all put in parts effectively to confirm correct practicality of put in programs. If your software package and different drivers are older and noncurrent, they will be inflicting Norton to freeze because it tries to scan the system.

  • Computer warming Troubles

In some cases, Norton could also be freezing because of hardware issues together with your pc, heating will have an effect on the manner your machine operates, sometimes inflicting freezes, crashes, and different issues because of the temperature climbs

  • Malware Mayhem

The terrible factor Norton is trying to guard you against can be what is inflicting its freezing issues. Some malware programs attack an installed anti-virus package, either turning it off entirely or inflicting freezes and crashes. If you believe a malware attack, uninstall Norton and use a different program to scan for any nasty invaders. numerous companies provide free versions of their anti-virus programs, as well as Malwarebytes, AVG, and Avast.

Norton full system scan freezes

How to Run a Full System Scan?

Full System Scan checks all boot records, files, and running processes to that the user has access. This scans your pc completely and takes longer time.

  • In the Norton main window, double-click Security, then click Scans.
  • In the Scans window, beneath Scans and Tasks, click Full System Scan.
  • Click Go.

Norton automatically detects the idle state of your pc and runs a fast Scan. Full System Scan protects your pc against infection while not compromising the performance of your pc. you’ll be able to schedule a Full System Scan on specific dates and times or at periodic intervals.

Steps to fix Norton full system scan freezes

To fix this problem, restart your pc. If the matter persists, run LiveUpdate till there aren’t any additional updates accessible.

STEP 1: Restart pc

  • Exit all the programs.
  • Restart the pc.

If the problem persists when the restart, move to Step2

STEP 2: Run LiveUpdate

  • Start Norton.
  • In the main window, click Security, and then click LiveUpdate.
  • When Norton LiveUpdate is finished, click OK.
  • Run LiveUpdate till you see the message, “Your Norton product has the newest protection updates.”
  • Exit all the programs, and restart the pc.

If the matter persists after the restart, move to Step three.

STEP 3: Download and run Norton Power Eraser

  • Download Norton Power implement.
  • Click Save.
  • Select the location as Desktop, so click Save.
  • To run Norton Power implement, double-click the NPE.exe file.
  • If the User Account Control window prompts, click yes or Continue.
  • Read the license agreement, and click on accept.
  • In the Norton Power implement window, click the Scan for Risks icon.
  • By default, Norton Power implement performs a Rootkit scan and needs a system restart. once you see a prompt to restart the pc, click Restart. If you are doing not wish to include the Rootkit scan, move to Settings, and uncheck the choice include Rootkit scan (Requires a system restart).
  • After the pc is restarted, the scan starts automatically. Follow the on-screen directions.

Thus follow these steps to resolve Norton full system scan freezes

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