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Norton live update not working mac
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Norton Security system is one of the most prominent antivirus softwares available in the market today. It is an anti-malware software developed and distributed by Symantec Corporation. This software is available for use in three different mediums- a download, a boxed copy, and as an OEM software. Its mechanism is to use signatures and heuristics to identify viruses. It also provides features such as email spam filtering and phishing protection. Nowadays, people are facing issues regarding Why Norton live update not working on mac, read more to know more about it.

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Norton live update not working mac

How to fix Norton live update not working on mac? 

Some of the problems of Norton Antivirus, related to Norton live update not on working mac

Despite having a huge number of advantages, Norton does trouble its users due to a variety of reasons. Some of the most common problems faced by the customers are during or due to live updates. The issues include incomplete update installation of the software, the scans not being run due to update, blocking legitimate softwares as in the case of Spotify in 2010 to name a few. Another major issue with Norton antivirus is its refusal to being completely removed from the system. The installation is a cakewalk but uninstalling Norton is a huge task.

Methods to resolve Norton live update not on working mac 

Following are the solutions to one of the most common Norton caused problems:

This usually happens due to an internal issue in the Norton servers. Try waiting for 24 hours and then run the live update again. If the problem still continues, it is recommended to manually update virus definitions and then run it in your system. Doing so is quick and painless for the most part.

Step 1-  Download the virus definitions manually following the given steps-

  • Open the Intelligent Updater downloads page.
  • Figure out the version of the Norton security system you have and choose the update accordingly.
  • For Norton Antivirus 11.x (Intel Processor), click on the first file name in the list. The file name starts with NavM_Intel_Installer.
  • For Norton Antivirus 11.x (PowerPC processor) and Norton Antivirus 10.x or earlier versions (PowerPC or Intel processor), click the second file in the list. The file name starts with NavM9_Installer.
  1. Expand the zip file once the download is complete.
  2. Double-click the installer file and click install.
  3. Click ‘Quit’ once the virus definitions are updated.

Step 2-  After a successful virus definition update, open the Apple menu.

Step 3-  Select ‘Go’ on the Apple menu bar and then select ‘Applications’.

Step 4-  Look for ‘Norton Security’ in the application’s window.

Step 5-  Click ‘Live update’ in the Norton main window.

The update should run smoothly after performing the steps given above; if not, contact the Norton customer support.

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