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How to Install McAfee
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McAfee is the antivirus software that is used today by many people, as it has become a quite trustworthy brand among the users. It is easy to install and user-friendly software. Thus, if you are looking for “How fo install McAfee” on your system, you have landed on the apt page! Keep on reading this article till the end to know the exact procedure for the same!

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Before starting…

Before you begin to install McAfee security software in your systems, you have to make sure that any other such relates security products/software are not present or installed in your system otherwise it would lead to conflict and degraded performance between the previously installed security software, and McAfee Antivirus software. Also, if you have any older product of McAfee installed on your PC, which is identical to the product on your CD, leave that product installed, it is because the installer of the new product will check the installed version, and if it finds it to be identical, the installer will skip the process of installation. This way your subscription will be extended. If the McAfee new product is unidentical with the previous one installed on your PC, then uninstall the previous one.

Which method of installation to be used?

Here are two methods, but you will have to select accordingly which one suits you-

1. CD installation – If you use this CD method to install you McAfee product, then it is considered as the best way! Although this method has a slow internet connection, but it avoids long time for download.

2. Web installation – If your computer has a good internet connection, does not have a CD drive, or if you install a multi-computer license on a second computer, then this online method is the best to install your McAfee security product.

How to Install McAfee

Here, you will get step to step solution to Install McAfee antivirus to your PC

How to install McAfee on your PC

1. Using Web Installation

● The first step is to open the product packaging and then locate the Quick Start guide which has the product or activation key.
● Click on the web browser and then go to the web install link on the card.
● Select your country and also the type of product key or activation key.
● Then the next step is to login into your account by using the McAfee credentials. If you don’t have an account, then you can create it by clicking on “Register now” option.
● Keep this in your mind that the product key or the activation key can be used only once to register in your application. If you have used the key previously, then you cannot proceed with the installation process.
● Once your product is launched/activated online, you can use the CD and then follow step 2 given below.

2. Using CD Installation

● Here, you have to begin by inserting the McAfee CD in your CD drive. This will make the installer run automatically. If it does not run on its own, run Setup.exe from the CD.
● Then, read and agree to the End User License Agreement (EULA).
● This will start the McAfee installer and you will be also prompted for input in between.
● Whenever you see the prompt, type your product key or activation key from your CD.
● Then, type in your McAfee account credentials. Again, is you still do not have a McAfee account, you can send in the request for the same, get yourself registered, and continue with the process.

Thus, these were the methods with the help of which you can install McAfee on your PC.

How to install McAfee on your Android device

McAfee Mobile Security is the best security feature that will safeguard your Android device. Follow the steps mentioned below to download and install McAfee on your Android devices, and enjoy the security and safety-

1. Go to the Google PlayStore and search for McAfee Mobile Security app.
2. Open that app and then click on the install button. Once the process of installation is complete, open the McAfee Mobile Security application on your phones.
3. Then select “Find Device” or “Back up” and add your email address to complete the process of registration with the McAfee.
4. Click on the “Next” button and create your new McAfee account by also creating a 6-digit password.
5. Then go to the McAfee dashboard and over there you will find an orange circle on the top of the side (right side).
6. Then you will get an option where you will have to select a security question. Select that and type your password.  7. Select two questions and give their answers also and then select “Save” button.
8. Select Activate uninstall protection option and chose the “Activate” button.
9. Then click on “Finish”.

Thus, this completes the procedure of installing McAfee on your Android device.

Hope, this article was meaningful to you! if you have any doubt regarding the Installation of McAfee antivirus to your PC or android system then you can comment below or feel free to Call McAfee toll free support number @ +1 888-225-4458.


  • Thanks for sharing useful piece of content on your website. These procedures helped me to install McAfee antivirus software on my computer. Can you share the information about how to install the updates of McAfee.

    • Thanks for sharing your valuable feedback glad to see that your installation problem gets resolved with these steps. As you are looking for the answer how to update your McAfee antivirus. For that, we have already shared an article that you can refer :
      or for technical support you can Call our McAfee antivirus toll free number @ +1 888-225-4458.


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