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McAfee Firewall is a software that is installed in your computers so as to keep track of any suspicious activity occuring in your device. It provides your computer with complete inbound and outbound protection, thus, serving as a defensive barrier between your computer and the internet. You can easily control what comes in and what goes out of your PC, just by the help of McAfee Firewall. Thus, you see how vital is the role of this software that you install in your computer devices. But, it has happened quite a times that the users face the problem of McAfee Firewall not working! This can be something to be worried about as now your computer is not that safe as before. But, we have brought in the correct solutions by which you can resolve the issue of McAfee Firewall not working on your computers. Read the article till the end to explore more about the problem and the solution.

Why McAfee Firewall has stopped working

There can be multiple reasons that your McAfee Firewall is not working or has stopped responding. A few of those reasons have been mentioned below-
1. Your PC might have been infected by some malware or virus infection within it.
2. Your PC might have corrupt or damaged files.
3. There might be an issue with your Security Center’s battery check feature. Thus, these are some of the reasons due to which your McAfee Firewall may stop working.

How to resolve the issue of McAfee Firewall not working

There are plenty of solutions that have to be considered one by one so as to resolve the issue of McAfee Firewall not working. Follow these solutions, and their steps, one by one-
1. Solution 1: Complete System Scan – In the case of Windows, Windows Defender is used to running a full system scan of your PC. This method makes use of a third-party antivirus to follow up a complete system scan, as McAfee Firewall might not work when harmful software attacks.
2. Solution 2: Remove any other Antivirus Software – This is done because many times it happens that due to the presence of other third-party antivirus software in your system, the McAfee Firewall does not work. So, you are advised to uninstall any other third party antivirus from your system. This can be done by going to the settings option on the start menu, and then go to Apps and Features option. Then from there, you can choose the antivirus that you wish to remove or uninstall from your system.
3. Solution 3: Disable Windows Firewall – If the removal of third party antivirus in your system also did not work, then this method is used. There is basically an in-built security system software in the PC, named Windows Firewall, and when this window is active, the McAfee Firewall does not work. Hence, it is advised to also unstable or deactivate the Windows Firewall.
4. Solution 4: McAfee Virtual Technician – Go to the official website of McAfee and download the McAfee Virtual Technician Tool, and download it. After that reboot your system, and when it re-starts, double-click on the package to run the tool. After this click on the Next button on the welcome page, and eventually, scanning will be done and the Auto-Fix option will be automatically selected. Then click on “Next” to resolve the identified problem by McAfee Virtual Technician Tool, when slowly a new page will open, giving you the details of what can or cannot be done. Then select your option, then “Continue” so as the issue is fixed.
5. Solution 5: Internet issue – If still the above-mentioned problem persists, then you should really have a look at your Internet. Maybe the router or the Wifi is not working properly or having a loose connection somewhere.

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If all these above solutions were unable to resolve your issue of McAfee Firewall not working, then you are highly advised to get your PC serviced. The services they provide are so easy and quick processes and they are available for the users 24X7. Thus, feel free to call anytime @ +1 888-225-4458

If you have still any doubt about McAfee firewall not working then comment below.

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