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You want to uninstall your McAfee but your McAfee removal tool is not working? Well, this means that your license of your McAfree Antivirus has been expired because when your tried to remove the software from your system, the porcess was interruptes due to some strange and weird pop up messages that displayed on your screem. But, not to worry about guys! We are here to deal with this problem of yours. Read this article till the end and get all the answers.

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The McAfee developers have released a small uninstallation utility that enables you all to delete all the traces of the antivirus from your computer system even when the standard removal processes fail to achieve its goals. Also, it takes a space of 8MB and its free to use. This process is applicable to the McAfee AntiVirusPlus, McAfee Total Protection, McAfee Family Protection, McAfee LiveSafe Suites, and McAfee Internet Security.

McAfee removal tool does not work

The first thing to check is that the registry files in your system are still present or not. If they are still present on your system, then you must delete them from the system or must take the system into safe mode and again try to remove it. Once done, you should restart your system, and check again if you are able to or not remove the HIPS.

Solutions to uninstall McAfee when McAfee removal tool not working

Here are the following three major procedures to uninstall McAfee from your system.

1. Uninstall McAfee:

This is actually the most standard and basic procedure to do the same.
● Firstly remove McAfee LiveSafe/Internet Security (the actual antivirus) and McAfee WebAdvisor (extension for the browser that enables you to know the reputation of the websites that you visit) from your computer.
● Go to the Windows Start button and then click on Control Panel. Chose the option of “Uninstall a program” that you will find there.
● Also, if you have Windows 10, you can reach at the same screen mentioned above by clicking on the Start button, then chosing the gear icon from the menu, and then from the App Settings click on “Apps” option.
● Once you are done with this, follow these steps-

* Chose the McAfee LifeSafe, McAfee Internet Security, or any other antivirus version option that is installed in your system. Press the Change/Uninstall button.
* Then a window will open, on which you will click on “Yes” button and the click on the check mark present next to the entries of McAfee LiveSafe (or, McAfee Internet Security) and Remove all files for this program.
* Then chose the options “Remove”, “Remove”, “Close”, and “No, thanks”. This will complete the entire process of removing the McAfee from your computer system.

Hence, after the completion of the entire process, restart your PC and look for all the changes that occur.

2. Uninstall McAfee using removal tool:

The McAfee removal tool has to be used instantly as soon as it is downloaded. If not used instantly, it(removal utility tool) won’t work properly because this software is updated constantly. Thus, only its latest version works properly.
So, in case you face this problem of McAfee removal tool not working, uninstall it from your system, and again install it fresh by following these steps below-
● The first step is to download the McAfee Removal Tool in your PC and once the downloading process is complete, double-click on the file that is downloaded. Then click on “Yes” button and then chose “Next”.
● Accept the terms and conditions and click on “Next” to complete the process of removing McAfee Antivirus.
● Then, after this, you have to wait for a few minutes so that all the McAfee components are deleted and removed finally from your PC.
● At the end, swtich off your PC and restart it.

Thus, McAfee will be removed from your PC, but make sure that you use the McAfee Removal Tool as soon as you download it and do not wait at all.

3. Uninstall McAfee application from Android devices:

To uninstall McAfee from your Android device, follow these steps given below-
● Chose the icon of app (McAfee) from the drawer, and keep your finger on it, thus, pressing it a little longer than the usual (for a few seconds), and drag the icon in the trashcan icon that will appear somewhere on your screen.
● Then select “OK” when the warning is displayed on the screen, and you ae completed with the process.
Hence, these were the methods (or, alternative methods) that can be used when you face the issue of McAfee removal Tool not working.

I Hope, this guide proved meaningful to you.

If you have any doubt regarding Mcafee removal tool not working comment below. Here, Our Macfee antivirus technical support team available 24*7 to resolve all your queries regarding Macfee antivirus. For instanteous help you can call our Mcafee antivirus technical support experts at our McAfee toll free support number @ +1 888-225-4458


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