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[Resolved] How to fix Norton backup error 0098 ? Call @1-833-662-5666

Norton antivirus links high-end security technology and the protection any device needs. The software security is providing a very user-friendly interface to manage and maintain everything effectively. Developing multiple products from Norton family, the software has offered a huge ratio of users across the globe to protect their devices whether it is PC, Macs, Androids, or iOS. Exploring the list of selection, users may choose a set of security depending on their requirements. If the user has a subscribed version of Norton Security, the user can activate the product by entering Norton Product Key and this will unlock advanced security features.  Moreover, it will reduce the risk of online security by having firewall protection. This secure antivirus program has introduced a developed series of security software for better security and management of a computer system with the preferable execution. Contact Norton Tech Support to fix Norton backup error 0098 :

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Norton Tech Support number   +1-833-662-5666

What are the symptoms of Norton backup error 0098 ? 

Norton Online Backup records any kind of errors like Norton backup error 0098 that are encountered during a backup or restore process in the Activity Log page.

Norton backup error 0098

What are the causes of Norton backup error 0098 ?

Norton Online Backup cannot back up one or more files as the files are open. Make sure that all the programs and files are closed before the backup starts. Some applications lock your files when they get minimized to the notification area. These applications include instant messaging clients, Microsoft Office applications, Microsoft Outlook, and PDA or Smart phone syncing software.

One may also get this error if any of the shared files or folders that are selected for backup is in use. Make sure that any of these shared files or folders that are selected for backup, are not in use by any network users.

How to get rid of Norton backup error 0098 ? 

Make sure the destination device or drive is correctly connected before proceeding to the following steps to resolve Norton backup error 0098.

STEP 1 Create a new backup set

  • Start Norton.
  • Click Settings.
  • In the Settings window, Click on Backup Settings.
  • Next to Manage Backup, Click on Configure.
  • On Summary tab, under the option Things you can do, Click on Create new backup set.
  • Type in a name for the new backup set, and then Click on OK.
  • On the What tab, check the drives or My Documents under Backup Sources, from where you want to back up any file or folder.
  • Under File Types, select the file categories that are to be backed up.
  • Uncheck any particular category if it is not meant to be backed up. To add additional files or folders, click Add or exclude files and folders, and then click Include File or Include Folder to select the files or folders.
  • On the Where tab, make sure that the correct destination is selected.
  • Click Save Settings.
  • Click Run Backup.

STEP 2 Delete your old backup set

  • Start Norton.
  • Click Settings.
  • Click Backup Settings in the Settings window.
  • Next to Manage Backup, click Configure.
  • Select the backup set that is to be deleted on the Summary tab, in the Backup Set. Name drop-down list, Under Things You Can Do, click Delete backup set.
  • On Delete Backup Set window, select the delete backup set option.
  • Click Yes.

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