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[Solved] How to resolve Norton email error 451 message temporarily deferred ?

Norton email error 451 message temporarily deferred

The Norton email error 451 message temporarily deferred is a common email error in many web hosting servers around the world. This can be a very frustrating signal especially when you have an urgent email to send in the peak of the time. Just as there are other errors which make your work slow and sometimes a little difficult, Norton email error 451 message temporarily deferred is specific to an email protocols.

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Norton email error 451 message temporarily deferred

What are the causes of Norton email error 451 message temporarily deferred ?

Emails are sent from server to server that is, from the sender’s server to the receiver’s server. For any email to be successfully sent across the servers, the servers must first be connected to the internet after which there is transmission of the email from the sender to the receiver. Upon acceptance of the recipient’s mail server, then the inbox and it finally downloads the email using the recipient’s email client.

This whole email relay process can encounter issues and delivery errors can be due to temporary issues such as DNS errors, reaching mail limits, unavailable or unreachable mail servers, incorrect recipient’s address etc. This errors can be either from the sender’s server or the receiver’s server. When any of the enumerated errors or issues happen, that is when a sender is shown “Temporary Error” message.

In the situation where a sender gets “Norton email error 451 message temporarily deferred”, it is important to know that this could mean exactly the same thing as we have discussed in preceding paragraph above, but, with Norton being the email scanner to help prevent downloading of malware, viruses and spyware into the server.

  • 451 Errors from the sender’s Server

There are a few reasons why there’ll be email errors from the sender’s end of the server. To figure this out, it is important to have an email log. This email logs will help to figure out what the real problem might be.

Below are some of the reasons you why you may get an Norton email error 451 message temporarily deferred:

  1. 451 Temporary Server Error : This is mostly a DNS error. This can happen when a sender is not able to set up connectivity for email delivery with the recipient’s mail server. This could be a DNS issue with the sender’s server. When you use a wrong resolver or incorrect routing of emails due to sender’s email server issue, this error will occur, most of the time. Doing a thorough check of the email logs, configuration files, permission etc. can help to reveal the actual cause of this error and help to fix this issue.
  2. Exceeded Messaging Limit:  Since most email servers have a limit to the number of email allowed, once it establishes connection, it scans to make sure it is safe to send. If it is discovered that it has reached its limit either from the sender’s server or the recipient’s server, an error message is sent. Connection limits are set to help reduce spamming or abuse of protocol on the mail server. You can increase the limit allowable in the mail server. When this is done, you’ll be allowed to send more emails at a time.

These are the possible reason why Norton could show you a 451 error message. You however need the service of an expert to resolve this issue if it is not within your ability to resolve it.

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