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Norton error 138

The error message “Allow chrome to access the network in your firewall or antivirus settings” or “Norton error 138” isn’t a primary error. It’s listed within the kind of suggestions whenever a significant error happens (such as ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT etc.) in Google Chrome.


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Solution to resolve Norton error 138:

  • Adding Exception to Windows Firewall

Initially, we will begin by adding an exception to Windows Firewall. A firewall may be a network security system that monitors and controls incoming and outgoing traffic supported some predefined security rules. It establishes a barrier between a sure internal network and untrusted external networks (such because of the internet). It’s not common for Windows Firewall to block some accesses to the web which could embrace Chrome. Let’s take a glance at the way to add it to the whitelist.

  1. Press Windows + S, kind “firewall” within the dialogue box and open the application.
  2. In Firewall settings, click on the option “Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall”.

Here all the applications installed in your pc are listed together with the standing whether or not they are blocked or not. ensure that Google Chrome is checked.


Norton error 138


  • Norton

The Norton 360 security program installed on your pc is ready to safeguard you in additional ways than an easy antivirus program. It additionally includes a strong firewall which will block network traffic, each incoming and outgoing. Most programs installed on your pc can have a particular setting within the Norton 360 firewall that tells Norton whether or not that program is allowed on the net. Google Chrome is enclosed on this list and will be allowed to access the net. However, if you find that you just are unable to access the net with Google Chrome, however, are able to get online with alternative programs, then you’ll configure Norton 360 to permit Google Chrome access to the net.

  • Adding Exception to Avast Antivirus

Avast code may be a Czech multinational company that has its headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic. They develop antivirus code and additionally offer net security code. it absolutely was based in 1988 by Eduard Kucera and Pavel Baudis. In 2016, Avast had around 400 million users exploitation its antivirus code.

In Avast you’ll add international exclusions to files. international exclusions mean that they’re excluded from all styles of shields and scans that analyze the activity of the files and applications and quarantine them if they appear harmful. additionally, to international exclusions, there’s another workaround that is to feature an exception to the “Web shield”. we are going to exclude the website from the online protect however if this doesn’t work, add Chrome as a world exception.

  1. Select the tab “Active Protection” and click on on “Customize” present before of internet protect.
  2. Now click on “Exclusions” and add the website that is giving the matter.
  3. Furthermore, if it’s obtaining tedious adding an exception, once more and once more, you’ll disable the online protect fully and see if this will the trick.

How to obtain Avast to prevent Norton error 138 blocking?

  • Add your website to the net defend “Exclusions” list or disable net shield fully.
  • To add an “Exclusion”:
  1. Open “Avast Settings”.
  2. Click on “Active Protection”.
  3. Click the “Customise” link for “Web Shield”.

Thus, follow these steps to fix Norton error 138

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