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Norton Error 8504
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An antivirus is a software that helps to protect your system from harmful viruses, malware, and infected files. As antivirus is a technical software so it is very common to face multiple types of issues during the use of antivirus software. In the same string Norton error 8504 is a very common kind of error code in Norton antivirus. This kind of error appears in Norton antivirus when product fails during the upgrading of the new version. There are some simple steps that you can follow to resolve this issue from your Norton antivirus or for technical support you can call our Norton antivirus technical support experts.

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But if Norton is giving you an error message Norton 8504 error whenever you try to open it, you can get the software up and running again to properly protect your computer by performing some troubleshooting.

What are the causes of Norton Error 8504 

Norton Error 8504 is an error that is caused when a particular product is facing certain security issues or the installation of the product fails when the product is upgraded to a newer version. When Norton antivirus error 8504 arises, the users may read further and follow the steps listed below. If the problem still persists, then the users may contact the support team for assistance.

Norton Error 8504


Simple steps to fix Norton Error 8504

How to troubleshoot Norton antivirus error 8504

The users of Norton need to follow the steps stated below in order to know how to fix Norton Error 8504.

Step 1: The user needs to repair the registries linked with the Norton Error 8504. For this the user needs to follow the steps given below:

  • For this, the user needs to click on thestart’
  • Then the users need to type ‘command’ in the search box and then without pressing the enter key, the user needs to move on to the next step.
  • The user is then required to press the Ctrl, shift, and Enter keys together. After which the users will be asked to click on the yes
  • The users may then type on the Regedit button which is present in the opened window and then the user needs to press the enter
  • The process of disk cleanup will begin which will calculate the space on each drive that can be freed up.
  • The users may select the temporary files.
  • Then the users may click on the checkboxes against the categories which the user wishes to clean.

Step 2: The users may also initiate a malware scan for the PC.

Step 3: Then the users may clean up the system junk which includes the temporary files and folders by using Disk Cleanup.

Step 4: The users are required to update the device drivers on the PC. The users may also try reinstalling their device drivers.

Step 5: The users may utilize the windows system restore in order to ‘undo’ the recent system changes.

Step 6: Then the users may uninstall and reinstall the Norton 360 antivirus program which is associated with the Norton antivirus error 8504.

Step 7: The users may then run the windows system, file checker.

Step 8: Thereafter the users may install all the windows updates.

Step 9: At last, the users need to perform a clean installation of windows.

Discussed above are the steps to resolve this issue of Norton antivirus. The users may contact the customer service if the users get stuck in any of the issues.

The users may also contact the Norton technical support experts for getting the issues resolved and that too at any point of time. The experts are well experienced and have enough knowledge in resolving the issues like Norton 8504 error that the users might be facing.

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