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Norton error code 1016

The Internet is a boon to our society. It has made human life much easier. We can get any information on any topic just by browsing the internet. We can get information on various people, places, and events with the help of the internet. Today internet has become an inevitable part of the educational and research process. Internet connection is present in every office.

We can see what is happening in any corner of the planet with the help of internet. Internet connection is a big step towards globalization. However, like every other scientific invention, the internet has certain disadvantages as well along with the numerous disadvantages. With the invention of the internet, the amount of cyber crimes has increased. The internet is teeming with various viruses, Trojans, and malware which are waiting for a scope to enter our system and bring damage to our files and folders. There are thousands of hackers who are trying to penetrate our system and get access to our personal information to steal money from our accounts or commit various crimes under our name.


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To protect us from all these, we need to get an anti-virus software. This anti-virus software protects our device from spyware, malware, Trojans and any such suspicious files and folders. Norton is one such anti-virus software which protects our computer from virus attacks. It continuously scans our device in search of suspicious files and folders and reports to the user if any such file or folder is found.

Norton error code 1016:

While using Norton, we may come across many types of error. An error prevents our system from functioning properly. As soon as an error occurs, our computer becomes sluggish. Many of its programs freeze and we are no longer able to work properly.

Norton error code 1016 is one such error. This error mostly occurs when we are trying to download the updated version of our software. A message pops up on our computer screen reading “Cannot upgrade the current version at this time. Please try again in a few minutes”. Thus, this error prevents us from downing any updates which are available to us.


Norton error code 1016


How to solve Norton error code 1016?

The best way to solve error 1016 is to restart your computer. This is actually the best way to get rid of any kind of error that we may come across while we are working on our device. Close all the programs that are currently running on your computer and then click on the restart button. This will hopefully help you in getting rid of your problem.

The next method is to remove and reinstall Norton. Maybe Norton has not been correctly downloaded or the installation process didn’t complete as a result of which it is not functioning properly. For that, we need to download the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool. Using that we can remove Norton from our device and again install it properly.

Thus, follow these steps to fix Norton error code 1016

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