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Why Norton error unable to continue 80047ec6 | Call @ 1-833-662-5666

Norton error unable to continue 80047ec6

Norton Antivirus was developed by Symantec Corporation in the year 1991. Norton antivirus is an Anti-Malware software product that detects viruses in your device and quarantines it before the virus can do any harm to your PC. Norton offers a wide range of security products including Security for Mobile devices, and other useful features like Password Manager.

While many other antivirus programs are known to decreases the system performance while a scan is running, Norton does not significantly impact the computer performance.


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Norton Antivirus has worked flawlessly with the previous versions of Windows such as Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 8. Norton antivirus is also compatible with Windows 10, without negatively impacting the system performance. Norton ensures that the system is fully protected, irrespective of the Operating System they are using. The latest versions of Norton Antivirus come with enhanced features and security protocols to defend your PC against the newest emerging threats and trojans. But for Norton antivirus to be efficient against the latest emerging dangerous virus, spyware, malware and trojans, you have to make sure that Norton is always updated to the latest version.

Norton error unable to continue 80047ec6

Norton and many other antivirus products usually show up errors that are hard to debug and find a solution to, if the device you own has a previously installed security software, other antivirus and anti-malware software. It is always the best principle to install only one antivirus on a device. So, in case if you are having more than one antivirus, please uninstall that other security product and see if the Norton does not show any error.


Norton error unable to continue 80047ec6


Some other methods to resolve Norton error unable to continue 80047ec6

If you are pretty sure that no other antivirus has been installed, please completely remove any previously installed antivirus. If you had any other antivirus recently, please make sure all those files of the previous security product are completely removed from your system. Some antivirus does often cause some files to be kept even though you uninstall it. Therefore, remove them completely.

If you are also sure that you did not have any other security product other than Norton, you must consider if you had any previously installed older version of Norton, and if that older version is found running, try uninstalling it and then installing the latest version.

One more quick fix option that you should try is, to switch off fast startup, if you are running Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System. Windows 10 OS automatically turns on the fast startup option, so please be sure to disable the option in Control Panel. The device has to be completely shut down properly for its healthy functioning. But fast startup does not shuts down your pc completely. Therefore, it might cause unknown errors that might be hard to comprehend.

If you have the latest version of Norton installed and running on your system, and if you encounter “Norton error unable to continue 80047ec6” please run live update and make sure that your device has all the required updates of Norton.

Thus these are the ways by which you can resolve Norton error unable to continue 80047ec6

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