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Norton fixing quick scan is taking too long

If Norton fixing quick scan is taking too long and you don’t know how to fix it then read the article below to get the solution.

Norton is an anti-virus capable of weeding out a lot of threat from our computer system or any such mobile device. The threats are due to virus attacks, spyware, malware, Trojans and sometimes even ransomware. Norton continuously monitors our device in search of any such files and folders. If anything suspicious is found, it immediately reports about its existence to the system and removes it from our device. In this way, it helps in protecting our system from malicious files and folders which may otherwise corrupt our existing files.


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How does Norton scan our device?

Norton regularly scans our device in search of harmful files and folders. The scanning process is of two types:

  • Quick Scan:

In Quick Scan, our Norton software only scans the different directories where the chances of finding a virus are maximum. It is less time consuming but it is not 100% safe because there are chances of a virus being present in some other part of our computer system which the quick scan procedure may overlook.

  • Full System Scan:

The Full System scan scans our entire device for any harmful material. It is comparatively more time consuming but it is safer than Quick Scan as it scans our entire device including our computer’s hard drive. Thus, a full scan is the only way to ensure that our computer is completely secured.

Norton fixing quick scan is taking too long

How to run a quick scan of our system?

  • Go to the Start button on the Taskbar.
  • Click on All Programs.
  • Click on Norton from the list of programs. The Norton main window will appear.
  • Click on Quick Scan under Scans and Tasks
  • Click on Go.
  • After the scanning process is complete, the Result Summary window appears.
  • If no threats are detected, then we can click on Finish.
  • If a threat is detected, we can further review it under Threat Review

Norton fixing quick scan is taking too long

Sometimes we see that our scanning process is taking too long. Also, sometimes the scanning freezes on reaching a certain percentage. This problem can be solved in the following ways:

Method 1: The first method to be used is to restart our computer. We should close all the programs currently running on our computer and restart it. Then we should start the scanning procedure all over again.

Method 2: The second option that we have in hand is to run Live Updates. The steps to run Live Updates are as follows:

  • Go to Start.
  • Go to All Programs.
  • Click on
  • Go to
  • Click on
  • When the device has been updated there will be a message showing “YOUR NORTON SOFTWARE HAS THE LATEST PROTECTION UPDATES
  • Restart your computer and start the Quick Scan procedure all over again. This may solve your problem.

Method 3: The third method is to run a Norton Power Eraser. The Power Eraser is an alternative to the Quick Scan and can help remove viruses from our computer. The Norton Power Eraser can be easily downloaded from the internet.

Thus follow these steps to fix Norton fixing quick scan is taking too long

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