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How to fix Norton ghost error ebab0013 ?

Norton ghost error ebab0013
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Norton ghost error ebab0013:

The Error( Norton ghost error ebab0013 )is displayed while attempting to convert a recovery point image file. A dialog box appears during a restore of a recovery point image using a Symantec Recovery Disk (SRD). If after displaying the error the converted virtual or physical client system is rebooted a stop 7b message will often occur resulting in the restored/converted system failing to boot back into windows.

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Norton Ghost:

 Norton ghost is a disk cloning and backup tool developed in 1995. The core capabilities of Norton Ghost include operating system deployment, migration, and cross platform management. It helps with backup and restore.

How to resolve the Norton ghost error ebab0013?

When restoring a recovery point image-

1-Before next restore attempt remove any pre-existing disk structure on the destination drive. To remove pre-existing disk structure using the SRD, follow below steps :

2-Perform any one of the following step to open a command prompt window.

Version 6.5 and earlier : Move the mouse pointer to the upper left corner of the main window screen under the title bar near the letter S until the pointer changes to a link icon then left click.

Version 7.0x and above : Click Open Command Shell, in the Analyze panel.

Norton ghost error ebab0013

  • Type “ diskpart” at the command prompt and then hit Enter.
  • To learn the disk number of the internal drive to perform the disk operation upon, type List disk and then press Enter.
  • The List disk command will give you a listing of the available drives. The Destination drive is not being recognized by Symantec Recovery Disk, if it is not listed. Type Exit and from the main menu using the “ Load a Driver,” menu option load the VISTA/2008/WINDOWS 2003 driver for the mass storage controller, if the driver is not present.
  • Press Enter after typing Sel disk # where # is the disk number of the internal destination drive.
  • Disconnect any removable drivers or drives not a part of the restore destination to avoid possible data loss. Once removed hit Enter after typing rescan.
  • Hit Enter after typing “Clean”.
  • Hit Enter after typing Exit to leave DISKPART.
  • Type Exit and then hit Enter to leave the command prompt window.
  • Reattempt the restore after upgrading to the latest build of the symantec Recovery Disk. Latest build of the Symantec Recovery Disk can be obtained by logging into the Symantec Fileconnect site.
  • The amount of available system memory should be increased to above 512 MB.


Converting a recovery point image

  • Upgrade to the latest build of the Backup Exec System Recovery (BESR) that is to be used in the conversion process. Latest build of the BESR can be obtained by logging into the Symantec Fileconnect site.
  • Verify that other recovery point images can be successfully converted. The BESR install to use to perform the conversion might be corrupt, if the recovery point images fail with the same error message. Before performing the next conversion attempt, uninstall and Reinstall the BESR instance on the system or attempt the conversion from another BESR instance.
  • Attempt the conversion locally, with the recovery point image and attempt converted file stored on a NTFS partition with ample storage space.
  • Converting a recovery point image may not be possible, is a Virtual machine optimization tool is ran before the image file is created.

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