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Steps to resolve Norton issue “At risk won’t fix” | Call @ 1-833-662-5666

Norton issue "At risk won't fix"

If Norton Antivirus detects a security threat, an alert window seems in your computer’s notification space automatically. In several instances, the alert window contains a link you’ll be able to click to look at details regarding the matter. Once your pc is secure, your notification space displays an inexperienced icon. If it turns red, an imperative security issue exists that needs immediate attention. You’ll conjointly wish to require action if the icon is grey, it means Norton Antivirus is disabled.

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Fix Norton issue “At risk won’t fix” within the product window

The appearance of the message may not be due to any of the threats. Your Norton Protection will show this message when:

  • One or additional of the protection options like Auto-Protect, Firewall, or sonar are turned off.
  • If the definitions aren’t up-to-date.
  • If the routine scan is not completed.
  • Subscription is expired. during this case, most of the protection options will be disabled.

When you see this alert on the product, click Fix currently.

Depending on the protection standing of your pc, Norton can attempt to activate the feature that’s disabled, or try and update the definitions, or run a scan. If your subscription is expired, you may be prompted to renew the subscription.

Norton issue "At risk won't fix"

Steps to resolve Norton issue “At risk won’t fix”

If Norton cannot fix the matter with the feature, or cannot run LiveUpdate or a scan, you’ll see a unique error within the Fix currently window. Depending on the feature that’s unsuccessful or the precise problem that you simply see, choose one amongst the following:

  • Auto-Protect is turned off and clicking Fix currently does not fix the matter
  • SONAR Protection is turned off and clicking Fix currently does not fix the matter
  • Firewall is turned off and clicking Fix currently does not fix the matter
  • Browser protection is turned off and clicking on the fix currently does not fix the matter
  • Virus scan does not complete once I click Fix currently
  • Fix issues with Definition Updates not being current even once you download and install all obtainable updates
  • Sometimes Norton shows the incorrect subscription date

Norton issue “At risk won’t fix”?

To resolve this issue, rigorously follow the steps below to properly remove and so set up the newest version of Norton net Security.

  1. Download the Norton Removal Tool
  2. when you run the tool, please restart your pc. Then log in to Windows again and run the removal tool once more. Restart your pc when it’s finished running the second time also.
  3. Click on “Download” button for Norton net Security to transfer the newest installer.
  4. once the installation is complete, launch Norton net Security and manually run LiveUpdate. when the updates are installed, complete a “Full System Scan” to examine for infections.

Thus follow these steps to fix Norton issue “At risk won’t fix”

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