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Norton Live Update not working

What is Norton LiveUpdates?

Your Norton uses the LiveUpdate technology to transfer the most recent protection updates often from Symantec servers. These updates safeguard your PC from the latest viruses and unknown security threats.

When Norton LiveUpdate runs, it checks if your installed Norton product is up-to-date or not with the protection updates. If the product doesn’t have the most recent updates, LiveUpdate downloads the required protection updates for your device processes the updates, and so deletes the older files and definitions from the temporary folder. Now a days people are facing issues like Norton LiveUpdate not working, read more to know more about this.

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LiveUpdate takes very little time to download and process the protection updates. However, you’ll cancel the LiveUpdate session at any time.

Norton LiveUpdate not working

Your device ought to be connected to the web to get these updates. If your network uses proxy servers to attach to the net, Live Update uses the proxy settings in your product to download the most recent updates. you’ll use the Network Proxy Settings choice within the body Settings window to tack the proxy settings of your network.

A connectivity problem will occur if you utilize parental control software package. If you think that parental controls may block the connection, you’ll configure the parental controls so they do not block the activation procedure. you would like to log on to your parental management software package or to the web through your ISP as an administrator to alter your configuration.

LiveUpdate cannot work if the Network price Awareness choice within the Settings window is ready for No Traffic or Economy. Network price Awareness helps you to define the number of network bandwidth that your Norton product will use. Therefore, you need to make sure that the Network value Awareness choice is turned on and set to No Limit for LiveUpdate to run. The Network value Awareness window seems when you run LiveUpdate and also the policy is ready for No Traffic or Economy. However, you’ll override the policy and complete the LiveUpdate task.

Why Norton LiveUpdate not working ?

The reason behind Norton LiveUpdate not working is that the Norton product obtains and installs the latest protection updates using LiveUpdate technology, which protects your computer from newly discovered threats, the latest viruses, and unknown security threats. By default, LiveUpdate is automatic. However, it can also be switched to manual.

How to fix Norton LiveUpdate not working?

Steps to switch the auto LiveUpdate to manual LiveUpdate 

  • Click on “Settings”,Under “quick controls”.
  • You can see the “Automatic LiveUpdate” option, which is turned ON, by default.
  • When it is ON, it is in automatic mode.

This is highly recommended, as the Norton product works, silently, every hour, to check if your protection updates are up to date. If not, the necessary latest protection updates are automatically downloaded, and updated to keep the computer safe.

The Norton LiveUpdate downloads and installs the latest product update patches to keep your Norton product up to date, by turning it off, it switches to manual mode, which is not recommended option from the drop-down menu.

In case, you need to manually run LiveUpdate, at regular intervals.

Click on the “LiveUpdate” option, under the “security” tab in the main window, to get the latest protection updates.

Why do  Norton LiveUpdate can fails? 

The LiveUpdate can fail due to several reasons.

The major reasons are related to an internet connection and insufficient disk space.

How to resolve failure of Norton LiveUpdate?

When there is no internet connection, you should ensure that the proxy server settings, and parental application settings, do not block the connection.

Also, check that the “Network Cost Awareness” option is not to “No Traffic”. If you have insufficient disk space, free enough disk space on the drive that has your Norton product.

You can also use “Run Norton Auto Fix” link, to resolve the issues with LiveUpdate. If the problem persists, use the “Open Support Web Site” option, to go to the Norton support website, for additional online support and contact details.

How to resolve when Norton LiveUpdate not working?

If LiveUpdate freezes at the “Check for updates” stage without any progress, then to resolve this problem, restart the PC.

⦁             Exit all the programs.

⦁             Restart the pc.

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