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Norton registry cleaner error
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Norton Registry cleaner optimize your device and improves start up time by repairing common device issues. It is a program designed for cleaning the windows registry. The windows registry becomes fragmented and cluttered over time, which needs a clean up for better performance, Norton Registry cleaner helps in the process. Getting a Norton registry cleaner error ? then Contact Norton tech Support.

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How to repair Norton registry cleaner error ?

When the cleaner has stopped scanning, the Norton registry cleaner error that are found during the scan are listed in the Registry Scan Results window. Along with the number of problems that are found in them, all the scanned sections are listed along.


Norton registry cleaner error

Registry Scan category

The section is available on the left hand side of the screen. The Norton registry cleaner error are categorized into one of these categories. By selecting any of the category you can view the registry problem that are found in that category.

Registry problem details

This section is available on the right hand side of the screen. You can find the list of problems that are found in the registry during the scan. You can view the problem by selecting the category.

All detected items are checked and ready to repair by default. You can review the result and select repair to repair all detected items.

Simple steps to resolve Norton registry cleaner error  

How to get rid of Norton registry cleaner error ?

  • Scan and Repair Norton registry cleaner error
  1. Click and start Norton utilities.
  2. Click on continue, if the User Account Control window appears.
  3. Click on Clean your Registry, in the right pane.
  4. Norton utilities will scan the registry and will list the problems found in the category.
  5. Click and select Repair.
  6. Uncheck the Registry entry from the scan results, if you want to skip any of the Registry problems listed.
  7. Select and click on Continue.
  • To Repair Windows Registry Problems
  1. Select Performance tab in the Norton utilities main window.
  2. Under Select your action in the Performance home window, Click on Clean your registry.
  3. Select the required type of scan and click Start scan, in the Clean your Registry window.
  4. Select and click on a Registry scan category to view the details of the registry in the Registry problem details section in the Registry scan results window.
  5. To view additional information about the problem double click on the problem.
  6. Click all sections to view all problems/ issues found in the scan. The details of each issue that are displayed on the Scan Results screen include:
  • Priority level of the problem and a brief description of the problem.
  • Location in the registry where problem is found.
  • Name of the problematic value and the data it contains.
  1. Modify scan results by selecting a problem, and right click to display the action menu. The menu lists all the actions that can be performed on problems before you can repair them. Select the appropriate action from this menu. The option will include : Keep them, Delete them, Add value/Subkey to ignore list, Keep All, Delete All, To repair all problems within a section.
  2. When you are done with the actions and modifications to all the problems that are listed on the scan results screen, click the Repair button.
  3. Clicking the Repair button applies all actions and modifications on the scan result screen to the relevant entries in the registry, including additions to Ignore lists.

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