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Norton server error 2021
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Norton server error 2021 is being shown up quite a lot many times when you log-in into your Norton account to activate the subscription. Even after checking your Norton account, it might say that it still has 2 to 5 licenses used. Yet, this 2021 error is not being fixed.

To fix this error we provide you with some of the most accurate steps. Keep on reading this article to know more.

There is a lot of anti-virus solutions that are preferred by the users for their online security which makes them the best solution offered in the market by them. Norton security server error 2021 is a kind of error that requires instant help and guidance so that it can easily be landed on a solution, and the error can be removed.

One way is to contact the Norton contact support number USA. They will surely help the user to easily resolve the technical issues.

Country  Toll-Free Number
 Norton support phone number U.S.A 1 888-225-4458

Other than contacting them, here are some of the steps and configurations mentioned below that will help the user to reset the program again, easily, and remove the error.

Norton server error 2021

How to remove the Norton Server Error 2021 in some simple steps

  1. Norton Server Error 2021 can be resolved by downloading and fixing the tool for your device.
  2. Once the tool has been downloaded, you have to run and update the file. Once updated, save the file to the Norton Activation tool.
  3. The next step is to install the latest version of the Norton security server.
  4. Once the latest version has been installed in your system, run the program for your file saving.
  5. The next step is to install to locate and save the file on the computer.
  6. Licence agreement will be popped up on your screen. Agree to it and click on the restart the button.
  7. After restarting, the program will start adding the files itself.
  8. You will get various instructions popping up on your screen. Follow these instructions one by one and re-install the app on your system.
  9. Now locate the file on your system and run it.
  10. The last step is to restart your device for security purposes and for server POP.

Thus, these are some of the following steps/points that might help you to restart your device again by resolving your entire problem. If you have to make this process easier on any other device, like your Mac device or your iPhone device, you have to connect to the experts.

Also to get instant help, you have to contact the team of professionals at Norton customer service USA. They can only provide you with the perfect hand-in solutions to get an easy way that will solve your Norton issues.


  1. Why cannot I connect to Norton server?

When you cannot connect to the Norton server you will see a message popping on your screen which displays “Cannot connect to the Norton server” or “Unexpected browser error”. This problem can be solved on your Windows 10 computer by installing a default web browser(on Windows 10). If you use another Windows, you have to completely change your default web browser. And this way your problem will be solved.

  1. Why can’t I login into my Norton account?

This might be a server issue. Close the existing window and go to the official page of Norton and try signing in again. If it is still not happening, restart your device,  and again go to the Norton official website and try signing in. If still, you are unable to do that, wait for an hour or so, and repeat the procedure. I hope so this time you might be able to sign-in into your Norton account from your Norton web page.

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